Why choose Skyway Expeditions

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  • We guarantee professionally run Uganda safaris and tours at affordable prices fitting every budget. We are a great combination of local and international know how.
  • The Skyway Expeditions team is made of Ugandans and experienced expatriates. We will give you the best of both worlds.
  • We are flexible and put you first.
  • We will prepare a tour that best suits you, utilising our vast knowledge of Uganda. We do not choose activities or accommodation based on kickbacks, discounts and benefits for us – we look for the best for you.
  • We will definitely be there for you.
  • Have you heard the horror stories about people sending money to suitcase companies in Africa only to find nobody waiting for them? In our case that simply cannot happen – we are part of the well-known¬†Skyway Hotel.
  • We are transparent about our pricing and affordable to book.
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